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Are You Satisfied With Your Business Intelligence Solution? by Christian Ofori-Boateng

Are you satisfied with your business intelligence strategy and solutions? What would you like to change to satisfy your users more? Data analysis is more prevalent today than it ever was. Therefore, it is also essential to have the right tools and software in place for your business analysts. This will enable them to cater to the […]

How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Benefit From BI Solutions by Christian Ofori-Boateng

Much like any other industry, data is becoming increasingly essential for pharmaceutical companies. There is market demand for newer and better medicines, so pharmaceutical companies must evaluate efficient business models and focus on emerging technologies. Additionally, you need to sustain the quality of information so that you can keep up with the changing regulations in […]

Are You Hesitant To Deploy Data Analytics? by Christian Ofori-Boateng

If you can’t measure, you don’t know if you are succeeding. Data analytics let you measure, analyse, and make progress for your organisation. The amount of data that is collected is increasing daily, and we need to keep evolving our tools so that we can analyse all this data and make sense of it all. Need […]

Analytics Tools “Clean” Your Data Automatically by Christian Ofori-Boateng

You can’t talk about analytics without at least mentioning the importance of clean data. Right now, internet users are going through unprecedented amounts of data. Most of it, however, is unstructured and even irrelevant. Enter data cleansing, a core part of any modern analytics solution. This process weeds out unnecessary data according to your predetermined […]

Simplify Your BI Tasks by Using Self-Service Tools by Christian Ofori-Boateng

You don’t have heavy-duty IT support, and you are in need of analytics tools. Does that sound familiar? Self-service data analytics tools from ChristianSteven Software can enable you to perform queries and generate reports on your own. You don’t need to rely on IT support, and you can manage your business intelligence tasks efficiently with less overhead. […]

A Planned Approach To Business Intelligence Solutions by Christian Ofori-Boateng

Are you satisfied with your off-the-shelf Business Intelligence solutions? Or would you instead deploy a customised solution? Every enterprise has its own set of needs and requirements as far as deploying business intelligence solutions is concerned. Every organisation’s data is also very unique. The most complete BI solution is one that considers all the unique […]

Importance of Colour Schemes For Your BI Dashboard by Christian Ofori-Boateng

Your business intelligence dashboard serves several people, including employees, executives, and vendors. Therefore, you must spend adequate time in designing a dashboard that is intuitive to use and serves the purpose quickly and efficiently. Colour choice is critical when it comes to creating business intelligence (BI) dashboards. Why Does Colour Scheme Matter? A BI dashboard helps […]

Make Your Data Analytics Work For You by Christian Ofori-Boateng

Do you find it hard to use your data analytics tools? Are they not intuitive enough? You invest in data analytics tools with the hope that they will make things easier for you to analyse your data and make informed decisions. But it takes a bit of work to find the right tools for your business […]

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