1 July 2019 Basildon, UK, JAC Computer Services Ltd (JAC) has today announced it has renamed as WellSky International Ltd (WellSky). This change follows the 2018 renaming of Mediware Information Systems Inc, the parent company of Basildon based JAC Computer Services Ltd (JAC) and Dutch company Mediware Information Systems (MIS) BV, to WellSky. At that time MIS also changed its name to WellSky BV.

The name “WellSky” conveys both the company’s vision to elevate the quality of care through innovation and the breadth of its offerings across the medicines management space.

In Europe, a new website has also been launched today www.wellsky.org which brings Eindhoven based WellSky BV and JAC together in a single site. WellSky envisions a world where care providers can do good for people and well in business. WellSky is committed to developing innovative solutions, using the power of data to improve outcomes, and partnering with passion and purpose to make this vision possible.

JAC and WellSky BV have been leading providers of integrated medicines management for 40 years. Their platform consists of the flagship pharmacy management system, integrated EPMA solution and chemotherapy management system providing customers across the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

These solutions will also be renamed as WellSky Pharmacy, WellSky EPMA and WellSky Chemotherapy.

Existing JAC and WellSky BV customers should note this is not a change of ownership — it is a new name to build on 40 years of excellence, consolidate market position and to take the combined companies forward. The name change will not impact current and planned customer contracts.

If you have any queries, please contact contact@wellsky.com


More information on WellSky International Ltd (WellSky)

WellSky (formerly known as JAC and Mediware BV) is a leading provider of medicines management solutions with installations in over 250 hospital sites in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. WellSky’s medicines management platform draws upon decades of domain expertise and prioritises patient safety, operational efficiency and financial sustainability and includes WellSky EPMA, WellSky Pharmacy and WellSky Chemotherapy. Together they create an integrated workflow with easy links to PAS, EPR, ADT, financial and other related applications.

WellSky Chemotherapy is a multilingual solution featuring closed loop prescribing, preparation and administration, with the added GAMP-5 approval for patient safety; it has regional implementations in northern Europe and offers in region support from Eindhoven, NL.

WellSky International Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of US based WellSky (www.wellsky.com)