WellSky CD Manager -
comprehensive controlled
drug management platform

A Revolution in Controlled Drug Management. Supporting CDAOs organisation-wide in their crucial role.

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Through improved visibility, alerting, monitoring and reporting, facilitating the reduction of controlled drug diversion and misappropriation.

Through the enforcement of precise & consistent procedures to ensure regulatory obligations are met.

Through streamlining and automation of administrative tasks.

Through seamless integration with existing systems.

Designed for use by NHS and Healthcare staff throughout all areas within hospitals where controlled drugs are stored.

Minimise the risk of drug diversion

  • Role and location-based security helps reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activity
  • Granular reporting and real-time alerting support improved investigative processes
  • Customisable workflows facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements

Reduce operational costs

  • Integration with existing pharmacy dispense and inventory systems
  • Integrated stock distribution between pharmacy, wards and theatres helps reduce errors and maintain accuracy hospital-wide
  • Stock refill management functionality enables the pharmacy to proactively resupply wards and theatres to help maintain optimal stock levels

A Modular Solution

  • Management of patients own drug stock and ward stock drugs in the same location
  • Manufacturing and Destruction workflows included with Pharmacy registers
  • In-built reporting functionality

The platform is integrated with WellSky Medicines Management and provides hospitals with a completely paperless solution for their controlled drug processes.

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