Our web-based EPMA solution
delivers organisation-wide
electronic prescribing and
medicines administration with outreach
to wider communities of care

Web based WellSky EPMA (formerly JAC EPMA) is a major advance in patient safety that is powerful, quickly deployed and easily integrated with other systems. Sophisticated medicines clinical decision support is included as standard.  Designed to build onto the industry standard WellSky Pharmacy (formerly JAC Pharmacy) solution.

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Integrated data capture provides an updated view of any dosage or regime alterations and enables the real-time generation of clinical audits and customised reports.

No need to rekey prescription data at discharge; it is available to download straight from the system.

Unlike many other systems, WellSky EPMA enables the complete drug chart to be viewed on a single screen, complete with the latest lab results and drug schedules, with patient histories accessible at a keystroke.

Following an in-depth review of how users navigate the EPMA system, the latest web browser interface takes intuitive usability to the next level. Training takes minutes and enables clinicians and pharmacists to quickly discover the many features that make their lives easier while improving the patient experience.

WellSky CD Manager is a comprehensive controlled drug management platform. It is designed for use by NHS and Healthcare staff throughout all areas within hospitals where controlled drugs are stored, including pharmacy, wards and theatres. The platform is integrated with WellSky Medicines Management and provides hospitals with a completely paperless solution for their controlled drug processes. Standard third-party interfaces are also available.

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Continuously assure patient safety, product quality, and regulatory compliance.


Delivering a Trust-wide electronic prescribing and medicines administration environment, WellSky is fully ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited.


WellSky EPMA has been developed in full collaboration with leading hospitals across the UK.

WellSky EPMA is proven and trusted at hospitals and community care facilities across the UK.

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